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Vasуl Lefterov

Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor. National University «Odessa Law Academy»

ORCID 0000-0002-9163-0555


Sergei Mul

Doctor of Psychological Sciences. Border security service

ORCID 0000-0003-3917-5601


DOI https://doi.org/10.52363/dcpp-2021.2.4

Key words: psychological training, chiefs of law enforcement agencies, extreme conditions, socio-psychological components of managerial competence, crisis management, training

The article deals with the psychological aspects of management activity in crisis conditions. Particular features of extreme, crisis situations and management in crisis conditions are analyzed. The paper presents the necessity of training the chiefs of law enforcement agencies of crisis management psychological bases. Special attention is paid to the author's vision of the socio-psychological components of the managerial competence, which are proper to the head of extreme profile unit. Taking into consideration the abovementioned components of managerial competence, psychological training "Crisis Management" is suggested to be introduced into the system of training law enforcement agencies chiefs of various categories, as an innovative technology for developing practical skills and abilities of effective personnel management in extreme conditions. The pilot study results of the impact of training on the dynamics of personal and professionally significant qualities of police chiefs are presented. It has been established a considerable positive influence of management training on the personal sphere of chiefs, increasing leadership potential and development of individual psychological qualities that are necessary for a modern leader. After the training the level of willpower, leadership traits, such as initiative, concentration, purposefulness is increasing. It has been proved that the psychological training of chiefs by means of training promotes the development of such necessary qualities of crisis management as the resistance to stress and the ability to emotional self-control. Recommendations for improvement the effectiveness of crisis management were proposed.