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Oleg Kokun

Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor. G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine

ORCID 0000-0003-1793-8540



Keywords: hardiness, professional hardiness, military-professional hardiness, examination of hardiness, stress.

Nowadays, it is important to strengthen an individual’s psychological hardiness in various life spheres, so modern tools examining hardiness, in particular, professional hardiness should be improved. The analysed developmental tendencies for the tools examining hardiness  have allowed us to state gradual decrease of questions used in methods from 50–100, in the first variants, to 15–25 questions in modern versions, and also substantiate  development of a tool to consider professional specifics of hardiness.

The developed “Professional Hardiness Questionnaire” contains 24 questions and is covers three interrelated hardiness components - control, commitment and challenge. We have also identified four additional aspects in each component: emotional, motivational, social and actually professional. Due to this, the questionnaire provides an opportunity to determine on the basis of 24 items eight indicators of professional hardiness (overall professional hardiness, three initial components and four aspects).

The questionnaire was standardized according to the generally accepted procedure; the sample included 452 people; normative data were defined. Its approbation showed sufficiently high internal consistency of the questionnaire, as well as its competitive validity, which was evidenced by reliable correlations of its scales with the indicators of E. Shostrom’s Personal Orientation Inventory, “Study on satisfaction with a profession and workplace” method, R. Schwartzer & M. Jerusalem’s General Self-Efficacy Scale, K. Zamfir’s Motivation of Professional Activity in A. Rean’s modification, “Communicative and organizational abilities” methods - KOZ-2 and the Questionnaire of Professional Self-Fulfilment.

We have also shown that the questionnaire can be relatively easy adapted for a particular profession to take into account its specifics. Prospects for further research are to test “Professional Hardiness Questionnaire” in various professional fields.