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Valentyna Bosko

PhD student. Odesa Law Academy National UniversityOdesa Law Academy National University

ORCID 0000-0003-2051-604X



Keywords: extreme psychologists, emotional burnout, prevention, psychocorrection, psychotherapy, psychological training

A theoretical analysis of the problem of emotional burnout of extreme psychologists is carried out. It is proven that emotional burnout is considered as a result of chronic stress at the workplace and is a process of consistent loss of emotional, cognitive and physical energy, which manifests itself in symptoms of emotional and psychophysiological exhaustion and a decrease in professional motivation. It is substantiated that the activities of psychologists working in departments and units of the defense and security sector become especially difficult in the conditions of a full-scale war in Ukraine. The specificity of the work of this category of extreme psychologists is related to receiving negative emotional information, analysis of past traumatic events of clients, etc. All this directly or indirectly affects the personality and behavior of psychologists and can cause their emotional burnout. Modern ways and means of preventing and minimizing the emotional burnout of extreme psychologists are analyzed, including creating adequate conditions for their work and rest, increasing their social status, as well as using a wide range of psychocorrective and psychotherapeutic methods. Prevention of emotional burnout syndrome should be carried out by taking into account the characteristics of psycho-traumatic factors, it also should be aimed to develop a strategy of selective perception, awareness of positive aspects of the situation and reduction of unpleasant aspects, learning self-regulation in stressful situations and forming assertiveness. A promising direction for the prevention of emotional burnout of extreme psychologists is the use of psychological trainings, which will contribute to the prevention and correction of certain personal and behavioral deviations, as well as ensure the personal and professional development of psychologists

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