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Ye. Kazakova

Adjunct. National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-0135-0876


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Keywords: pandemic; quarantine; vital threat; value-semantic sphere; COVID-19

The article considers the issue of transformation of the value-semantic sphere of personality. Research shows that the value field of meaning is the central composition of personality psychology and is a multilevel and dynamic system. The system is relatively stable but can change under the influence of external (social) and internal (personal development) factors. The transformation of the value-semantic sphere is perceived as a life crisis, during which there is a certain disorder of the inner world of man, but the successful overcoming of such a crisis leads to personal growth.

The conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic lead to a forced reassessment of the value-semantic sphere of personality and the system of personal priorities. In these circumstances, there is a rethinking of the value of life and health. As a result, self-regulation of the psycho-emotional sphere of the individual becomes an important task aimed at maintaining the adaptive capabilities of the individual and psychological health, because only in this state a person can fully function in society.

Coronavirus and pandemics in general are an emergency for all of humanity. The key concept that is the basis for characterizing the phenomenon of emergency is the concept of "threat to life, health, material values, stability, mental state, confidence in the future, etc.) for the integrity of man himself." The vital threat is understood as a threat to human life or existence. We will add that the threat to the physical existence of the individual can be considered vital (without interfering in the spiritual context of existence).The need for physical security is exacerbated in a person who, by the will of fate, finds himself in the center of an emergency situation (a situation of real danger). In the center of an emergency, it is important not to die, not to suffer injuries and damage.

The article, which aims to study the transformation of the value-semantic sphere of personality under the influence of the vital threat COVID-19, provides a gender profile of the main changes in longitudinal research.

The results showed that men, regardless of the time period studied, have more stable values and meaning of life, although there are some slight fluctuations, while women find it difficult to change, but if they still master themselves and adapt to new conditions life receive high rates of life satisfaction

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