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Oleksandr Cherevko

PhD student, department of Aviation Psychology. National Aviation University

ORCID 0000-0003-1902-6852


DOI - https://doi.org/10.52363/dcpp-2022.3.11

Keywords: development of spirituality, theoretical and methodological problems, crisis of spirituality, neurophysiology, psycho-energy, spiritual essence, external and internal potential, forecast models, meaning of life, professional burnout, ideals, transcendent, divine, consciousness, career guidance, aviator, miracle on the Hudson

The article presents the results of theoretical research of theoretical and methodological problems of spirituality crisis in aviators. The constituent problems included the statement of the importance of structural consideration of the relationship of the leading activities of a person through the choice of profession and the formation of levels of ambition in self-realization, based on the identification of their level of spiritual development, individual internal and external potential. The importance of the correlation structure of "true self" and adaptive mechanisms of socialization from the position of philosophical analysis and consideration of the factor of transcendental forces influence as a source of human spirituality and creative self-expression has been highlighted and substantiated. The theoretical and methodological problem of spirituality crisis in the context of diagnosis and model building is described, manifested as a result of conformal fusion at the level of human self-identification with the imposed social roles, and the impossibility of reliable identification of human potential by modern test approaches as a result of cognitive deformation of human representations. The expediency of creating diagnostic tools in the manifestation of the internal potential and nature of man at the interdisciplinary level, with the construction of a qualitative and quantitative ratio terminologically conceptual apparatus, for the holistic identification of the potential and nature of the aviator has been proved. The role of social environment and available external resources in the construction of the notion of the norm of disclosure of internal potential is indicated. Described the solution of the theoretical and methodological problem of spirituality crisis concerning the vulnerability of social moral norms to artificial deformations by the technology "Overton Window", from the position of their correlation with the development of spirituality and the importance of the aviator ability in conditions of extreme uncertainty and lack of time, creatively adapt instructions, under the influence of unrecorded . Proved the need for scientific study of transcendental forces and the source of creative inspiration, from the position of highlighting and systematization of ideas about the forces of nature, which serve as a source and basis for the formation of neurophysiological and psychoenergetic internal potential and spiritual essence of the aviator, as the basis for her life and professional development to develop spirituality through self-improvement and improvement of the world.

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