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Viacheslav Tashmatov

Сandidate of psychological sciences. Odesa Law Academy National UniversityOdesa Law Academy National University

ORCID 0000-0002-3786-9004


DOI - https://doi.org/10.52363/dcpp-2022.3.3

Keywords: State Service of Ukraine for emergency situations, emergency situations; psychological selection; psychological support; functions of the psychological service

The article examines the main functions of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, determines the importance of the professional activity and functional duties of psychologists of this service. Attention is focused on the specificity of the functions performed by them in the conditions of the war in Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2022. The main functions performed by the State Emergency Service in general and the direct work of psychologists of the service are considered. The circle of activity subjects to whom the specific work of the psychologist of the State Emergency Service is directed is determined in detail, such as: personnel of the State Emergency Service; victims of emergency situations; people who suffered material damage; people who have lost loved ones; witnesses of the negative psychologically traumatic effect of an emergency situation; the so-called observers. In addition, the research of domestic scientists in this area was analyzed, during which the relevance and importance of the selected topic was established. The full process of psychological support of the professional training of the State Emergency Service personnel and the importance of psychological service in accompanying the daily work of State Emergency Service personnel are considered. The basics of professional and psychological personnel selection and activities to create scientific and methodical complexes for direct support of the work of the psychological service of the State Emergency Service in emergency situations, including those of a military nature, have been defined. Attention is drawn to the specificity of the functions performed by the psychologists of the State Emergency Service during military operations and the peculiarities of corrective work with personnel after liquidation of emergency situations of a military nature. The influence of extreme conditions of war on the psychological functions of the employees of the State Emergency Service and on their somatic functionality, mainly on that which innervates the muscles of the body and provides sensory and motor functions of the body, has been determined. The peculiarities of the work of a psychologist of the State Emergency Service at the place of liquidation of an emergency situation and the professional principles of providing emergency psychological assistance are considered. The importance of actualizing the adaptive and compensatory resources of the individual, mobilizing the psycholo gical potential to overcome the negative consequences of emergency circumstances, both for people who were psychologically negatively affected by the consequences of the emergency situation and for the psychologist of the State Emergency Service is determined

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