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Vyacheslav Kononovych

PhD in Public Administration, Head of the Department. National university of civil defence of Ukraine, Kharkiv

ORCID 0009-0001-8036-2399

Dmytro Usachov

Lecturer of the Department. National university of civil defence of Ukraine, Kharkiv

ORCID 0000-0002-1140-9798


DOI - https://doi.org/10.52363/dcpp-2023.1.3

Key words: stress resistance; stress; future specialist of the State Emergency Service; the direction of educational and social humanitarian work; personality; psychological support; institutions of higher education.

The article provides a detailed analysis of the study of the concepts of "stress" and "stress resistance". The authors highlight the main factors affecting the occurrence of stress and consider its characteristic consequences for cadets. The article is devoted to the definition of the specifics of the education of stress resistance in future specialists of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the process of professional training, which involves rich and varied preparation for the performance of future professional duties. Analyzed research on stress resistance as an innate ability to resist negative environmental factors. The article presents the main groups of stressors that accompany cadets in the learning process. Considered possible reactions of the body to stress in order to determine the level of effectiveness of overcoming harmful stimuli of the environment and internal environment by the student of higher education. The role of individual psychological characteristics of the individual, which affect the ability to resist stress, is determined. Two groups of methods for increasing stress resistance are distinguished. The main methods of combating stress in the cadet environment and methods of increasing stress resistance in teaching institutions of higher education were studied.

The results showed that the problem of personality resistance to stress is an important element of the personality structure of a modern specialist. It involves a combination of personal characteristics: those that make it possible to face difficult situations, and those that cause the appearance of stress. Research shows that unpredictable and uncontrollable events are more dangerous than predictable and controllable ones. When people understand how events happen, can influence them or at least partially protect themselves from trouble, the likelihood of stress is significantly reduced. Regarding the educational activity, it can be said that if the ability to manage the situation is very low, and the intensity of the work is significant, such work is a stressor.

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