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Lina Perelygina

Doctor of biological sciences, professor. National university of civil defence of Ukraine, Kharkiv (Ukraine)

ORCID 0000-0001-5019-7671

Diana Pokhilko

leading researcher of the educational and scientific laboratory of extreme and crisis psychology. National University of Civil Protection of Ukraine, Kharkiv (Ukraine)

ORCID 0000-0003-3374-8771

DOI - https://doi.org/10.52363/dcpp-2023.1.10

Keywords: meaningful life orientations; value-meaning sphere; coronavirus disease

The study of meaningful orientations of the individual is a relevant topic, in our opinion, precisely because foreign and domestic researchers have not yet come to a unified interpretation of this concept. And this makes a certain sense, because the formation and development of the value-meaning sphere is influenced by many factors (age, motivation, personality orientation, self-concept, socialization, etc.) and to this day is one of the topical topics of in-depth research and study.

In our research, we study the impact of the coronavirus disease caused by COVID-19 and changes and transformations in the meaningful orientations of the individual.

It is shown that the situation surrounding the pandemic for a certain part of the interviewees is a crisis event that determines in a certain way transformational processes in the value-meaning sphere of the individual.

Under the influence of the pandemic, people's ideas began to change, the process of everyday life changed, restrictions and prohibitions appeared. At the same time, the need of a person to comply with the requirements to prevent the spread of the virus, the need to control one's own behavior and the behavior of others becomes a reality, a socially friendly attitude is replaced by suspicion and stigma. People all over the world no longer live the way they used to - this way of life has become a new social reality for everyone.

All identified transformations of the value-semantic sphere of men and women indicate, however, that depending on the influence of the new social situation, in our study it is the quarantine restrictions caused by the coronavirus disease COVID-19, clearly manifested in the active development of moral, value and aesthetic feelings, the development of new social roles (economic, professional, civil, family, domestic, etc.); adjustment of interpersonal relations; consolidation or reconstruction of old ones takes place, as well as the formation of new inclinations and interests, determination of life prospects and meaningful life orientations of the individual.

According to the results, it can be seen that there are no differences between men and women on the scales of SHO among young people, at the same time differences are noted in all other groups, but it should be noted that the biggest differences are observed in the 3rd age group on the scales "Goals", "Result", "Locus" control of life", "Consciousness of life".

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