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Maryna Timchenko 

graduate student. National University of Civil Protection of Ukraine, Kharkiv (Ukraine)

ORCID 0009-0004-3327-4689

DOI - https://doi.org/10.52363/dcpp-2023.1.11

Keywords: respiratory psychotechnologies, emotional and mental states, respiratory cycle, salt room

Prospects for the use of respiratory psychotechnologies in psychology, psychotherapy and various developmental systems have created the need to look anew at the function of breathing, as well as to determine and clarify the place of the breathing process itself in human life and development, the role of intensive respiratory psychotechnologies in a wide range of breathing practices. The positive points and shortcomings of using A. Strelnikova system of paradoxical breathing gymnastics, K. Buteyk volitional breathing technique, rebefing technique (connected conscious breathing) and its variants: vivation, LRT, S. Grof holotropic breathing, etc., are considered. A special class of breathing exercises is proposed, which can replace and smooth out most of the shortcomings and side effects of breathing directions existing today and serve as the basis for their use in salt rooms (caves) for the purpose of restoring the body and psyche of persons affected by an emergency of a military nature (ex-combatants, internally displaced persons, former prisoners of war, relatives of fallen defenders of Ukraine, etc.). The theoretical basis for the essence of the proposed special class of breathing exercises was the classification of breathing practices existing today based on their use and on the basis of the effect obtained from them.

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