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Vladyslav Platonov

Postgraduate Student. National University of Civil Protection of Ukraine, Kharkiv (Ukraine)

ORCID 0000-0001-7013-8660

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Keywords: pyrotechnics, professional psychological selection, Psychophysiology, professionally important qualities, professionography, psychomotor qualities, psychological analysis of activity

The article considers the study of professional and psychological qualities of pyrotechnics of the state emergency service of Ukraine. Based on the existing research describing the activities of sappers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, theoretical directions for conducting a professional analysis of the activities of pyrotechnics of the State Emergency Service are outlined.

When conducting a professional analysis of the activity of pyrotechnics of the state emergency service, their professionally important psychological qualities are determined, which form a complex of individual psychological, behavioral and psychomotor characteristics of the individual, which become the foundation for the assimilation of professional knowledge, skills and abilities. The presence of the required level of these characteristics is the key to successful service and performance of activities with fewer or no erroneous actions, which, in turn, allows you to predict the success of service as a candidate for pyrotechnics.

In the course of the study, the method of expert assessment was used to establish the most important professional and psychological qualities that candidates for pyrotechnics of the state emergency service of Ukraine should have in order to successfully study and safely perform their activities in the position. Based on them, such psychophysiological, psychomotor and cognitive qualities of the individual as: attention and its properties, eyesight, lability of thinking, spatial thinking and pace of work are determined.

It is established that the above-mentioned psychomotor qualities of a person must have a certain level of development in order to successfully begin mastering professional skills. At the same time, it is determined that these professional qualities are improved with work experience.

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